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Chapter 6.6

I grabbed Charlie from my mom and quickly kissed her cheek. She had the biggest smile on her face, and there was a matching one on my face. This is my baby girl, and I miss being away from her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder, just like old times.

"Hi brother." I looked over at Rae and nodded.

"Wassup?" She shrugged and glanced over at Sky. I wasn’t about to look her way though. I was tired of being the one to initiate everything with her. If she wants to talk to me, she knows how to speak.

"So we can’t get a hug?"

"If you want a hug Shawna, I’ll give you a hug. Come here." I smirked as she pushed Samaya to the floor and walked over to me. I gave her a one armed hug since I had Charlie in the other than pushed her away.

"Five second rule punk!" She frowned and shoved me back.

"Five second hug Rae?"

"Fuck no. Why don’t you give Sky hug."

"If she wants a hug she could come get one." Sky stood up and walked over to me surprising everyone, especially me. She has never been the bigger person when it came to me. She slowly made her way over to me and I wrapped my free arm around her.

"I’m sorry for everything, it was all my fault." She mumbled into my ear. I closed my eyes and took everything in. If this had only happened sooner. I had only left to prove my point, but when she didn’t call me, it just told me that she didn’t need or want me around anymore. So I never came back around.

"I love you Stacy." She laughed and wrapped her arms tighter around me.

"I love you too Kirkland." I pulled away and pulled her into a quick kiss. We both needed this, but it wasn’t all of what I wanted. I just wasn’t about to have a make out session with Charlie in my arms.

"Me and my lost love are going downstairs. You women can make us some food."

"Kursey we eat Donald’s already."

"What, you ate without me?"

"I eat again wif you." I smiled and kissed her cheek. I missed this little girl.

"Get to work now women! Charlie and I aren’t going to feed ourselves." I turned around for the stairs and felt a pillow hit me in the back of the head. Had to be Rae’s ass. I threw up my middle finger, not even bothering to turn around as I went down the stairs to the basement.

"Kursey you got movies?" I put her down and pointed at the case of movies.

"Go pick out one." I fell down on the couch and watched her pull out every movie that caught her attention. All this time I felt like something was missing, and now I had it back. The rest of my family.

"Chris, check this out!" I walked over to Ty’s loud ass and looked at his computer. This nigga was all up on the blogs like a female. I looked closer at what he was looking at and seen a picture of Sky and Charlie. 'A fan caught up with Chris Brown's girlfriend and daughter in Houston and got some close up pictures of her. This girl has also been romantically linked to Houston rapper Kirko Bangz. Read more…’

"Read more." He clicked on the link and it brought up a video. Mijo and Bow walked over also and pulled up chairs. These niggas are so messy. Ty clicked on the video and the first thing we heard was Rae’s voice.

“Speak to the camera!”
I never really believed them about the whole Kirko Bangz thing, but here was the proof.

“I have no idea what we’re supposed to say, but I’m Sky, and this is my best friend Kirk. His rap name is ‘Kirko Bangz’, I think, but fuck his wannabe rap career. I call him Kirkland.” Kirko covered her mouth and you could hear Rae laughing behind the camera.

“This is Sky, I call her ass Stacy because she needed a normal name. What the fuck kind of name is Sky, I mean her full name is Skylar, but that’s a what the fuck name also. I would say we’re in a relationship, but she doesn’t let me fuck so in her mind we’re best friends. She don’t let me have girlfriends, she starves me at times, and I help her with Charlie. I love that little girl more than Stacy over here. What else is there to say?”
Sky pulled his hand away from her mouth and took a deep breath. That part made me clench my jaw. This nigga was there for my child before I was, and I was even more mad because the only person I could blame was myself.

“You just almost killed me! Now can I continue on what I was saying?”

“Go ahead babe.”

“First and foremost, he does not love me. I starve him because he’s rude. Second, I do let him have girlfriends. Just not ones that don’t deserve him.”

“Which is everyone. Don’t believe the hype. Shawna tell the truth, does Stacy let me have girlfriends!”

Shawna’s voice rang out.

"I love him though, and all of these girls he bring around be trash. There is a child in our situation, and with him being her father figure he can’t just tarnish that by bringing these hoodrats around her. Now run and tell that Shawna!" How the hell did this video wind up on the internet? This looked like a real personal video.

"Fuck you! You need to just give my brother some pussy and call it a day!"

"Ty cut this shit off. What does the rest of this say?" He stopped the video and scrolled down the page.

Kirko also referenced this girl in his last single ‘Play Me’, stating that he was once in love with her. Maybe this would explain her recent trip out to Houston. Who gets the girl on this one? You chose, Chris Brown or Kirko Bangz?

"I’m going to vote for Kirko on this one my nigga. They got the video and songs and shit. All you got is a few pictures." I slapped the back of Ty’s head and walked away.

"I told you niggas wasn’t shit going on with me and Sky. We fucked, once, that was it. I don’t want a relationship with her, and she doesn’t want one with me."

"So you won’t mind if I vote for Kirko on the poll?" I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. This nigga didn’t take anything seriously. Hopefully he could straighten up for this baby he was getting ready to have.

"Quick question Ty?"

"Ask away."

"Did you hear Rae tell you to put on a condom and purposely ignore her? Or were you just caught up in the moment?" That had been bothering me since Rae took me to get my car last night. She was really mad at Ty for that. She trusted him enough to wear a condom and he broke her trust in him. Rae had really grown on me these past two weeks. It was like a love hate thing with us.

"I heard her, but my mind was in another place that night. I had just finished talking to Deja and… it was fucked up but I don’t regret it." He was serious for what seemed to be the first time ever.

"She’s hurt off that. That’s the main reason why she’s angry. You need to apologize to her about that." I turned around after I said that and seen Jacki walking down the stairs. Now this is what I was interested in at the moment. She walked over to me and I pulled her into a kiss.

"So this is why this nigga ain’t tripping off Sky. We see you Breezy!" Mijo yelled. Jacki pulled away from me and started laughing.

"Sky your ex?"

"Nah, she’s the mother of my daughter. We never dated."

"That’s what’s up. I didn’t even know you had a daughter. How old is she?"

"Four. Will be five in a few months."

"Hopefully I get to meet her."

"Keep yourself around long enough and you can."

"Is that a challenge Mr. Brown, because I love a challenge." I smiled and pulled her into another kiss. This girl didn’t play no games, and that turned me on.

"I’ll see you at the studio tonight right?"

"Yes sir." She leaned up for another kiss then made her way out the door. She is something new, I need something new right about now.

"Fuck." I mumbled as my binder slipped out of my hands. I knew trying to juggle all of this shit at once wasn’t going to work. This was my first day back to work since my whole hospital stint and I had so much to catch up on that I decided to take some of it home with me.

I stared down at the binder, hoping that bitch would magically bring it’s ass back into my arms, but that was obviously a no go so I left it there. I would come back for it, but right now I needed to empty my arms. My keys were already in my hand so I pressed my trunk button and it immediately popped open. I released everything from my arms into the trunk and arranged it to my liking. I turned around to head back for my binder when I was met with a fresh face. A sexy one at that.

"I think this is yours." He held up my binder and a smile appeared on my face. I grabbed it from him and placed it neatly with the rest of my things in my trunk before closing it. "I’m Derrick by the way." I turned back around and stared up into his blue eyes.

"I’m Chanel. You look new."

"I am actually. This is the end of my first week. I’m on the fifteenth floor, the computer guys." I laughed at the building inside joke. The fifteenth floor was our technical people, but their actual company name was so long, so we just called them the computer guys.

"I’m on the twenty third floor, with Seventeen Magazine. We probably request a lot of your services." His eyebrows rose when I said that and we both started laughing.

"You know what I mean. Guys and their perverted minds."

"I joke around a lot. You can’t get through life without laughter."

"That, you are right about."

"You should let me bring that laughter out of you more often." I smiled and licked over my bottom lip.

"My son does a good job of that already." I had to slip that part in. Any man who wanted to take me out had to know who came first in my life.

"As he should. My intentions would never be to take your son’s place, but I want to be able to be the man that you need in your life. We could take it as slow as you need, but I would hate myself if I stood here and watched a woman like you walk away without at least getting a date." Good answer. I reached into my bag and pulled out one of my cards.

"My cell phone number is at the bottom. Call me later on and maybe we could work something out." Today is Friday so I wouldn’t mind going out with him tomorrow. I can’t even remember the last time I went on a real date.

"Will do. It was a pleasure meeting you Miss Chanel."

"You too, and thanks for bringing me my binder."

"No problem." I smiled at him and walked around to get into my car.

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Chapter 6.5


Taylor wanted to throw me ideas on how to get to Chris, but everything her and Z suggested sounded stupid as hell. I was doing this shit by my damn self. Chris was a musician, and everyone knows the best way to get to a musician is through their music. I didn’t sing or rap, but I wrote and produced. Bingo. I contacted my friend Kevin and now all I had to do was show up at the studio with my songs. Boss shit.

I walked in silently when I heard Chris already in the booth singing and made my way over to Kevin at the control center. I sat down and gave him a hug before turning my attention to Chris. He was beyond talented, and despite the circumstances, I was actually very excited to work with him.

"You’re Jacki right?" Chris asked, walking out the booth.

"That’s me. We can jump right into it. This song I have for you is not the normal R&B song, but your voice is perfect for it." I had Kevin scoot over as I brought up the beat to Beautiful People. Chris started nodding his head to it, and I handed him the lyrics so he could find his own melody.


"Fuck you mean? I should have been a rapper." Chris fell out laughing when I said that. We had all just finished our little mini cypher and smoke session, and I went hard. Chris was already warming up to me, and I knew this whole getting with him challenge was going to be a piece of cake. All he needed was another blunt in his system and we would be heading back to the crib.

"Kmac, get ya girl!"

"You don’t think I can rap Chris?" He stopped laughing and stared at me to see if I was serious. I cracked a smile and he went back to laughing.

"I almost thought you were serious. You good where you at now ma. Writing and producing is your shit."

"So you’re the only one that can cross over into rapping? Is that what I’m hearing Mr. Brown?"

"Breezy does it all. I thought you knew!"

"Breezy ain’t teach me shit though." I said in a more seductive tone.

"I can change that." I guess another blunt wouldn’t be needed tonight. I was just that good.

"So you say. I need to see to believe." He smirked and winked at me. I bit my bottom lip and watched him walk back into the booth. We was getting it in tonight.


"Finally!" I yelled excitedly. This drive was always long, but this time felt like we had been on the road for at least a week. Maybe it was just my nerves that made it feel like this.

"Yo loud ass done woke everyone up!" I laughed and blew a kiss to Shawna. I had rented a 2012 Buick Enclave for this trip and this car made the drive so comfortable. When my money started looking right again, I was going to have to invest in one of these.

"Mommy can we get Donalds?" I glanced in the rearview mirror at Charlie and seen her rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. I started laughing when I noticed Rae knocked out with her head in Charlie’s lap.

"Yeah we can. Shawna look at them." Shawna looked back and fell out laughing.

"Charlie push her out your lap."

"No, she have baby in her tummy." I smiled and turned into the closest McDonald’s.

"That’s right baby. Don’t listen to Auntie Shawna mean self."

"Let’s walk in. I’m tired of sitting down." I pulled into a parking space and cut the car off.

"Tia, we go get food." Charlie spoke as she tried to wake Rae up. It was cute. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of them. Rae shot up and looked around.

"Wipe ya mouth boo." She stuck her tongue out at me and started wiping the sides of her mouth.

"I’m hungry." Rae said while unstrapping Charlie. I rolled my eyes and got out the car. I turned the alarm on and grabbed Charlie’s hand. We walked in and all eyes turned on us. I was hoping no one recognized us since our faces had been plastered all over the internet for the past few weeks.

"You’re Chris Brown’s baby mama huh?" The girl at the cashier asked, she looked around seventeen. Wow. So that’s how I was known to the world, as Chris Brown’s baby mama?

"Something like that. What do you want Charlie?" The girl looked down at Charlie and smiled.

"I get happy meal with chicken nuggets and apples and juice."

"Anything else?"

"I’ll take the club sandwich, grilled. No fries and a sprite. These hoes can pay for themselves." The girl laughed and brought up my total. I paid with my bank card and she handed me a receipt.

"You know, you’re way cooler in person. They made you look like a bitch on TV."

"I’m on TV?"

"TMZ. They had a video of you on the beach."

"Excuse you Sky, but we hungry back here. While you up here trying to make friends." I rolled my eyes and moved to the side so they could order there food.

"Mommy a nice person." Charlie spoke to the girl. She smiled at her and went back to taking Rae’s order. I walked over to fill my cup up with soda and went back to wait for our food. I could her the clicks and flashes of people’s cameras as they took pictures of us, and it was a bit awkward, but I was just glad they weren’t attacking me. I grabbed the tray of food when they called my number and went to sit at a secluded table. Charlie climbed into the booth and looked down at her food. I opened up her sauce and apples for her then grabbed her hand. We said a quick prayer then began to dig in.

"Sorry to bother you, but I can I get a picture with you two." I looked up shocked at the girl standing at are table.

"You want a picture with us? Why?"

"I run a fan site for everything Chris Brown and I would love to have a picture up of you guys since you’re apart of his life." Charlie smiled and jumped up.

"Take one of me! I Charlie Brown!" The girl laughed and pulled out her camera. Charlie climbed over my lap and posed for the girl’s camera. It felt like everyone’s eyes were watching us, and it was too awkward. Everything about this was awkward. I wasn’t the famous one, and neither was Charlie, Chris was.

"Mommy, smile." I smiled as the girl squatted down next to us and snapped two more pictures.

"What’s the name of your site?"

"ThisIsBreezy.com" I smiled and nodded at her. "Thank you so much for letting me take some pictures."

"No problem. This is all new to me."

"It was nice meeting you…"


"Sky, you’re really nice, and pretty. You too Charlie. I like you way better than the last girl."

"Thank you." Charlie and I said at the same time. The girl laughed and walked away. I hope they didn’t think I was dating Chris. I didn’t want people thinking that, because that would be even more attention on me. Shawna and Rae walked over and slid in across from us.

"You think you big pimpin now?"

"Nope, but they will be attacking you once they find out you’re Ty’s sister, and let me not even get started with you Rae."

"Let’s not boo. No one will ever find out about this." Shawna and I started laughing as we continued making small talk while eating our food.


I pulled up to Jillian’s house and parked. Her house looked exactly the same. I was hoping she still lived here. Charlie was already overly excited in the backseat and so was I, I was just too nervous to show it. Rae let Charlie out and she darted for the front door, but stopped at the door when she realized she couldn’t reach the doorbell. Shawna smiled and jogged over to help her out while I slowly trudged along with Rae.


"Sam, go get the door!" I rolled my eyes and Kirk started laughing at me. This nigga never had to do anything when he came back home. Just because his ass was famous now didn’t make him that nigga, but apparently our mother seemed to think so. I trudged up the stairs and over to the door. The doorbell rung again and I swung the door open.

"Aya!" A little girl yelled, throwing her arms around my legs. I looked a little closer at her face and let out at scream.

"Mom! Charlie is here!" I picked her up and looked at the faces of Sky, Shawna and Rae. "And the mean ass girls who took her away from us!"

"We missed you too Maya." I gave Rae a stank look and walked into the house.

"Same stank attitude I see." Shawna said, popping the back of my head.

"You can’t be picking on me no more. I can take you now Shawna." They all started laughing as she popped me again. One day I was going to really whoop her ass, and it wouldn’t be so funny anymore. I would only do it to shut her ass up though. Shawna was like my big sister, and this back and forth stuff was normal with all the girls, but she was the only one that it got physical with.

"Oh my God! Bring me my grandbaby Sam." I walked over to my mom and handed her Charlie.

"Hi Nana Jill. I miss you."

"She’s talking so well now. I miss you too baby. I miss all of you girls. Kirk, get up here!" All of us turned to look at Sky when she said that, except my mom and Charlie. I told them not to have sex, sex ruins everything, and hopefully if they got together again they wouldn’t have another fall out because I missed having these girls around.

"Kirk’s here?" She asked nervously. I smirked and walked over to the couch, falling onto Shawna’s lap.

"You getting thicker little girl. Mama what you been feeding her?"

"That girl does not eat here. Always out with her friends."

"They don’t know nothing about that mom. I told you when I went to visit them in Atlanta they never left the house. They were the most boring twenty something year olds ever." Shawna popped my head and I chin checked her ass.

"I missed this little bad ass."

"What’s up mom?" Kirk took one look at the girls and turned back to my mom like they weren’t here. Yeah, he was salty.

"Kursey!" If anyone could put a smile on his face, it was Charlie. Well Sky too, but I think he was still mad at her. Charlie reached out for him and he grabbed her, quickly planting a kiss on her cheek. It was like a little father daughter reunion.

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Chapter 6.4


My adrenaline began going at full speed as I pulled out my razor and quickly slid it across dude’s hand. He let go of Sky and her limp body fell into me like a ton of bricks. I carefully tried dragging Sky up to the VIP section where everyone else was at, but I was yanked back by this nigga grabbing my neck, causing me to drop Sky.

"Get the fuck off my sister nigga!" Hearing Mikey come to my defense was something new for me. I was so used to it always being me and my girls to fend for each other, now I had my big brother to back me. The guy let my neck go when Mikey charged him and I rushed over to Sky, she was out cold. I tried picking her up, which was hard since we weighed the same.

"I got her, go pull your car around." Chris said, rushing over out of no where. I glanced back at Mikey and seen Mijo and Nino pulling him off dude. I smiled and made my way out the club. If only I had Mikey when my punk as ex was beating my ass. The girls were waiting at the truck so I quickly unlocked it and let them in. I quickly drove to the front of the club and watched as Chris laid her in the back seat.

"We’ll meet you guys back at Sky’s." None of us said anything. I waited until he closed the door then peeled off.


After getting Sky in the bed I grabbed the trash bin out of her bathroom and put a plastic bag in it, placing it next to her bed. I went to her kitchen and got a bottle of 7UP and a pack of alkaseltzers along with a banana, and sat that all on her nightstand.

"What is all that shit?" I turned around and smirked at Mikey.

"Hangover remedies." I dimmed her lights and walked out the room and into the living room.

"Does it work?" He asked, following closely behind me.

"Of course it does. I should know, I am a doctor."

"A doctor? Yeah, and I’m a realtor."

"I’m serious bitch! Sky, Rae and I all went to Spelman College together. We all got a four year degree. I’m technically a Pediatrician, but it’s still a doctor." Mikey looked over at Rae and she nodded. I swear if I didn’t have Rae to co-sign the shit I said then Mikey would never believe me.

"Why y’all stripping then?" Chris asked.

"Because we enjoy it. Plus we get like five stacks a night. Correct me if you will, but I believe that’s way more than a doctor makes. I might stop soon though, it wont be the same without my girls there." Rae groaned at that and fell back into the couch.

"I knew that was her! Sky straight up lied to me earlier when I called her Dream. I know my fucking strippers." Mikey was fucking nasty. I was glad he never seen me stripping.

"Obviously not nigga I knew it was her, even after she made you look stupid. How you always at the strip club, but never seen your sister?" Nino would ask that dumb ass question.

"Because he always does private dances, and I don’t dance for celebrities."

"Why did Sky stop?" We all got quiet and turned to Chris. Why all of a sudden he was interested in Sky when earlier she was his worst enemy.

"Because her social worker was getting nosey, so she had to give up the night life for a 9 to 5. I know it was a hard decision. She had to cut down on how much she used to spoil Charlie since she don’t get paid as much at the group home."

"I thought she said she was working there since she was sixteen."

"She was, but she quit after she got custody of Charlie since they never wanted her to keep Charlie. She was just supposed to be doing a temporary placement since the home was full and they weren’t going to take Charlie at first. She’s back there now though. I swear shit was much easier when Kirko was here." That last part slipped out, but I didn’t regret saying it since it was the truth. Kirko kept everything in order. I’m glad he got his career off the ground, but I prefer him here with us. As selfish as it sounded, he was apart of the family, and we needed him.

"Kirko Bangz? Y’all know that nigga?" Damn, Mikey never believed shit we said.

"Should we bust out the home movies. We was the ones shooting with him in the gym. Naw, but he’s family, our family." Rae said with a smile finally appearing on her face. We all missed that nigga, but it was a sensitive topic.

"He was in a relationship with Sky?" Chris asked. Of course he would ask this.

"No. Sky doesn’t do relationships, but they acted like they were in one. He was practically Charlie’s father, did everything for her, but Sky didn’t want her calling him dad. Sky never wanted Charlie getting attached to people because she thought they would leave. I guess they got into some big ass argument, Sky doesn’t like talking about it, but he left after that fight and we haven’t seen him since."

"Is that why y’all going to Houston all of a sudden?" Chris asked, getting mad all of a sudden.

"Anger management, you need to calm that shit down. You and Sky fucked, that’s all. You acting like a groupie. Just because she has Charlie does not mean she belongs to you. If you like her, then tell her, don’t just walk around with your feelings bottled in. Just because she’s a therapist does not mean she’s going to sit here and try and figure you out." I nodded, agreeing with Rae. That was some true shit. If Chris had that strong of feelings then he would tell her, because Sky’s only priority is Charlie. She isn’t worried about a relationship.


I couldn’t get with Sky. I mean I wanted her, but it would be hard for me to look past the fact that she was a stripper. It’s not like she is still doing it, but the fact that all my niggas have seen her naked already bothers me. I looked around and noticed everyone was getting tired and shit, but didn’t know if they should leave or not.

"Me and Chanel going home. You niggas staying?" I nodded and looked over at Ty and Nino.

"I’m riding with y’all." Nino spoke, standing up.

"Yeah, I’m staying. Spending the first night with my baby mama."

"Nigga too soon!" Mijo yelled at him. I started laughing as soon as that pissed look returned to Rae’s face. But I was anger management. She looked like she was ready to stab Ty in the face.

"My bad Rae."

"Don’t fucking talk to me." She got up and stormed off to the hall bathroom.

"So you leaving with us?"

"I’m still staying, she’ll calm down." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Ty was a fool and I could see something eventually happening with him and Rae. This nigga never stalked a girl this hard, and sooner or later she was going to get tired of getting mad and grow to like this shit, as crazy as it sounded. Mijo and Chanel left with Nino and I got up to go check on Sky, leaving Ty alone with his sister. I walked into Sky’s room and seen her struggling to open a bottle of 7UP. I took the bottle out of her hand and she collapsed onto the bed.

"You real fucked up huh?"

"No. The drug takes about four hours to leave my system. I’m so stupid. I was so wrapped up in having some fun for the night that I let my guard down." I poured the soda into the empty glass on her night stand and tried to hand it to her, but she pushed it away.

"Put the alkaseltzers in it."

"Alkaseltzer in 7UP?"

"Yes, it settles the stomach." I did as she said and handed her the glass. She took three small sips and tried to hand it back.

"Drink some more." She shook her head and shoved the glass into my hand. She dropped her head over the side of the bed and start throwing up into the small trash bin. I pulled up her hair and rubbed her back as I tried to hold my breath. Throw up was not the shit to be inhaling. She wiped her mouth with a tissue and downed the rest of the drink.

"I’m going to sleep now." She mumbled, burying her face into her pillow. I grabbed the bag out of her bucket and went to throw it away in the dumpster outside. By the time I got back in the room she was trying to open the banana.

"Take your ass to sleep Sky."

"Chris… I’m hungry now. Just stop judging me and support me in my decisions." She said in a whiny voice.

"I’m not judging you. Let me open it." I took the banana away from her and peeled it open.

"You judged me because I was a stripper. I love my body, and I love to dance. I would never judge you. Especially for something you love to do." She let out a groan and tried reaching for her empty glass. I grabbed it and stood up.

"I’ll go fill it up for you."

"You should feel bad for me that I can’t do what I love, what I enjoy. How would you feel if you couldn’t sing. Everyone wants to judge me." She rambled as I walked out of the room. How would I feel if I couldn’t sing? Singing is my life, and so is dancing. I’ve never met someone who was so passionate about stripping and here there were three girls, all with college degrees who preferred to strip for a living.

"Chris please tell my brother you two aren’t going to Houston with us. We do not need any drama."

"Ty, we not going with them. Let them have their girls shit." I said as I walked into the kitchen. I filled Sky’s cup up with more 7UP and alkaseltzer.

"This nigga Breezy don’t ever want to have fun." I flipped him off and continued back to the bedroom. Sky was already asleep again. I sat her glass down and walked out, stopping at the hall bathroom to knock on the door.


"Anger management, take me by Mijo’s so I can get my car." The door opened and she looked up at me.

"I don’t have my car here."

"Use Sky’s. Come on, I know you want some space from Ty." She rolled her eyes and pushed past me.

"Let’s go."


"How can you fuck something so simple up?!" I yelled at Frank. All his ass had to do was lead her to the back of the club and his part would have been done, but somehow he couldn’t even do that.

"Her friend was right there! She was tripping, telling her that she couldn’t go anywhere with me, and that bitch cut me." I growled and crossed that plan off my list. I need people who weren’t going to bullshit, and get the damn job done. I looked at Frank’s bandaged hand and busted up face and laughed. I’ll let that ass whooping he took from Tyga be a lesson.

"Fuck it. Jacki, you’re in. The girls are going out of town this weekend. I want you to get with Chris. I need an insider. No fuck ups."

"Bitch I got this in the bag. I’ve been waiting for a chance to get in some fun." I smirked and exchanged a look with Zarah, we knew she wasn’t going to fuck this up. If I can count on any bitch to play both sides for me, it was Jacki. This bitch didn’t play any games.

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Chapter 6.3

Ooooh Baby I Love Your Stroke
Cause You, Cause You Get Me To Where I’m Going
In A Jury You’ll Get My Vote
Cause I Believe, I Believe You Know Just What You Doing Now
Baby Now We Can Coast
Just Don’t Get In A Hurry
That’s Too Slow
Go Ahead And Put That Thing In Over Drive”

I sung along with Aaliyah as I rolled my hips in the mirror. I was really feeling myself right now. It had been a while since I was able to really doll myself up. I used to feel like this every night when I worked at the club. I would drop Charlie off at Rae’s mom’s house at around nine, since that was around the time she went to sleep. I stayed with her until she was sleep, always. Then I would go home and go through this beauty ritual. I loved it, and I missed it, but with this up and coming court date I know I can’t do anything to jeopardize losing Charlie.

I grabbed the dress that was hanging on it’s hanger and slid it onto my body. It fit perfectly. After checking it out for a few minutes I went and cut the tags off. I took my hair out of the clip and combed through it. I stared at it for a while before deciding to straighten it and put waterfall curls in it. My doorbell rang just as I was finishing my makeup and I ran to go answer it. I opened the door and Chanel was standing there with Mijo, Chris and Nino behind her.

"Whoa, you all weren’t invited."

"I tried to tell these niggas that." Chanel muttered as she walked into the apartment. Mijo gave me a goofy smile and pushed past me. Ty stopped in front of me and looked me up and down.

"Dream?" Shit! How the fuck did he know? I kept a straight face, even though he just called me by my dance name and looked into his eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He stared at me longer, probably trying to see if I would crack, but it wasn’t about to happen. I’m a damn therapist, I was trained to keep my emotions in check.

"Maybe I’m just tripping."

"You are." I said pushing out a laugh. He smiled and walked in. Nino was right behind and did the same damn thing.

"You might can fool Ty, but you not fooling me girl. The magic three still together, one just retired." He was right. The fact that I still hung with Shawna and Rae gave me away. They called us the magic three at the strip club. Dream, Charm and Star.

"Nino, wipe that horny ass grin off and move up out of my face." He laughed and pulled me into a hug then continued into the apartment. Chris walked past me without saying a word and I rolled my eyes, closing the door behind him.

"Where’s Bow?"

"What you tripping off him for?" Chris was jealous, no doubt about that, but I don’t understand why. I nonchalantly shrugged and leaned against the wall. He was being childish, but I was just going to continue like I didn’t notice. Psychology tricks.

"He’s just always with you guys, I just thought he would be here, but oh well. I’m going to put on my shoes and we can go. Shawna and Rae should be here in a minute. Chanel and I are riding with them." With that said, I started for my room but stopped when a thought popped in my head.

"Chris, where is Charlie?"

"With Chanel’s mom and Rickey."

"You passed up time to spend with her to go out to the club? You know we’re going to be gone this whole weekend."

"Your point is?" I smirked and walked off. My point is that you’re a fake ass wannabe father who needs to get his priorities straight, but I wasn’t going to say that. He already made his decision for the night, so no need to argue with him over it.

"I told you annoying fucks this was a girls night." These niggas sat in the living room playing the video game the entire time I was getting ready, and then when I’m walking out the door they wanted to jump up talking about they were coming too. For once I wanted to just go out and have fun without having the celebrity attractions tagging along. It was all love for them, but I was tired of being called every name in the book by their aggressive ass fans.

"Well we here now, what you got to hide Nelly? You mad because you can’t dance with no niggas now?"

"Don’t start with me Nino, and I could dance with whoever the hell I please. I am single." I watched as Mijo’s jaw clenched and turned away from him. I wasn’t about to feel guilty, because this nigga sure jumped on his single hype fast. I was not about be stressing over him.

"Sky looking good Chris, you betta take those down before I have to." Ty has been the definition of thirsty to the tenth power since he and Deja broke up. Meaning he would be trying to take down every female in sight. The doorbell rung and I got up to answer it. I smiled and hugged Shawna and Rae, then headed back to the couch.

"I am not tripping off Sky’s pussy. I already done been through that anyways." I shot Chris a look and leaned against the wall, not even bothering to sit back down.

"Whoa, why the fuck is my best friend’s pussy the topic of discussion." Shawna stated, mugging the hell out of Chris. Rae was extremely quiet though, something was bothering her. She didn’t speak to any of the guys, just made her way back to Sky’s room.

"What’s her problem Shawna?" Ty spoke up.

"You! You’re her problem, now back to Chris and why he’s out here trying to air my best friend out."

"Air who out?" I glanced over and seen Sky and Rae walking into the living room.

"Chris out here tryna put your shit on mainstream about how you two fucked." Sky rolled her eyes and looked over at me.

"You girls ready to go?" I nodded and pushed myself off of the wall.

"Rae, let me talk to you before you leave." I snatched my arm out of Tyga’s hold and continued walking to Rae’s truck. I was stressing bad and his ass was to blame. He had possibly ruined my entire life without a worry in the world. I got into the backseat next to Chanel and leaned my head back. I didn’t feel like speaking at all. My mind was too gone. Once Trey finds out he is going to kill me or get someone to kill me, and I wouldn’t blame him. I can’t believe I threw away my entire relationship to fuck this sneaky ass nigga. I still can’t believe he did this shit. The tears started out of no where and I wanted to punch myself in the throat for allowing my emotions to show. Shawna  swerved to the side of the road, stopping the truck. Everyone turned back to look at me.

"Now you gotta tell us what’s wrong and what the fuck happened with you and my brother." I wiped away my tears and sighed.

"He pulled a bitch move and trapped me!"


"We fucked and before I got caught up in the moment I told him to put a condom on. I know this nigga was fucked up about the whole thing with his girl getting an abortion, but that doesn’t mean to go and fuck up my life. He knows I have Trey, and now I’m fucked and pregnant. I’m having a baby with a dude I don’t even know! I cheat for the first time in my entire life and this shit happens! He wasn’t even drunk that night, so his ass purposely came in me." I opened the door and stepped out the car.

The tears were back now and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I couldn’t smoke and I couldn’t drink unless I wanted to risk my baby coming out with birth defects, and I didn’t want that to happen. A car pulled up behind us and Ty got out. I rolled my eyes and looked up at the sky.

"What’s up with you Rae?"

"Why are you speaking to me? You guys can cut, you niggas weren’t even supposed to be here tonight."

"Shawna told me I was the problem, so what’s up?"

"You’re hella sneaky, that’s what the problem is. I told you to put a fucking condom on!"

"Wait, so you’re pregnant?" The hopeful look in his eyes just pissed me off even more.

"You know I’m in a relationship! Why would you do that? The world doesn’t revolve around you! Here I am trying to make you feel better and you pull some sneaky shit like this. This is my life you’re fucking with. You ruined my relationship, my job, and now my life. A baby isn’t an eighteen year thing, you have to care and be there for this child for the rest of your life. You don’t even know me! What the hell would you do this to me for?" I put my hands over my face and broke down. I felt Ty’s arms around me, but I didn’t care at the moment. I don’t think anything worst can happen at the moment.

"Let’s go to the club. You may not be able to drink, but you love to dance. I’ll take a regular, you know, it’ll make you feel better for the night. Then tomorrow we can talk this thing over." I pulled away and looked up at him.

"First, last time you got a regular we fucked so scratch that thought now. Second, I wont be here tomorrow. Sky, Charlie, Shawna and I are going to Houston for the weekend. We can talk on Tuesday, after I go to the hospital and get all this shit confirmed." He nodded and opened his arms for another hug. I gave him a stank look and pushed past him. This situation in no way made us friends. I still don’t like his ass at all. This situation actually made me hate him.

"You want every nigga in the club to show you some love cause all you tryna do is come up! Shawty you a freak!" I bent over, putting my hand onto my thigh as I rolled my ass into some dude’s crotch, singing along to the Teairra Mari song that was playing. I didn’t know who the hell this dude was, but I was too far gone to care. It was weird because I hadn’t even had that many drinks to be this damn drunk.

"You want another drink ma?" The guy seductively spoke into my ear.

"I’ll take a shot of Henny!" I yelled back at him as I continued to dance. "One of these niggas got some money, one of these niggas don’t. I’m tryna see who got the money, he gonna take me home!" I sung at the top of my lungs as I started dancing on Shawna. She was laughing at me, but still danced with me.

"How much you drink tonight?"

"Not much, I swear!" I had a high tolerance when it came to alcohol, so I was surprised that I was this drunk too. The guy I was dancing with came back over and handed me my drink. I thanked him and quickly threw it back. I handed him the empty shot glass and continued dancing.

"You want to go somewhere quiet and talk?" I wasn’t really in the mood to be having a conversation with anyone, but I didn’t want to be rude since he had been buying me drinks all night.

"Shawna! I’m gonna- I’m- we’re going to talk and shit somewhere." I slurred out. She stopped dancing and looked into my eyes.

"What the fuck did you slip in her drink? Hell naw, Sky you ain’t going no fucking where with him." Shawna grabbed my arm and I stumbled over to her. My vision started getting blurry and I felt like any second I was about to black out.

"Didn’t she just say she was going with me? She grown." I felt myself being yanked back and that’s when I lost complete consciousness.

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Chapter 6.2


There is a zero percent chance that Charlie is mines. This couldn’t be true at all. This is my little girl, she acts just like me. She’s my baby. She didn’t act like Mijo, she didn’t act like Austin, and she didn’t act like Tyga. She had to be mines.

"Chris did you hear that!" Sky yelled, snapping me out of my train of thought.

"No." I mumbled as I read over the paper one more time. Her hands grabbed onto my cheeks as she turned me to face her.

"They made a mistake!"

"What are you talking about?" She jumped up and ran over to her phone. Pressing a button, a message began playing back.

“Sky, this is Doctor Richards. I was calling to see if you’ve received the paternity results. If so, disregard them please. We have a terrible extern who didn’t transfer actual results before mailing off the letters. Charlotte’s DNA does match Mr. Brown’s. A correct copy will be mailed off for you today. Sorry for the inconvenience.” The phone beeped signaling the message was over. I couldn’t even go into words on how excited I was at this moment.


"I got her." I quickly jumped up and ran back to Sky’s room. I started laughing when I seen Charlie standing on the edge of the bed, looking over as if she was going to fall into the ocean.

"If I die it’s not funny daddy!"

"You don’t even make any sense." I snatched her off the bed and started spinning her around.

"Daddy!" Her little hands gripped onto my crewneck and I stopped spinning.

"I love you Charlie."

"I wuv you too daddy." I laughed and kissed her cheek.

"You and mommy want to go out to dinner tonight?"

"Yes, cause mommy sad."

"Do you know why she’s sad?" I asked, already guessing it had something to do with the false paternity results.

"She miss Kursey, he love her." Kursey? Who the fuck was Kursey? I was going to have to ask Sky about this. One minute she saying she got feelings for me, and the next she stressing over the next nigga.


"So he found out?" I stupidly asked as I randomly texted my friend Mark. We were a little more than friends actually, but we didn’t need to go more into that. I glanced over at Deja and she had an irritated look on her face.

"Yeah, but he doesn’t know the truth on why I got the abortion."

"You better hope he don’t find out either, or your ass is as good as dead. What even gave you the motivation to go out and cheat on him. You supposedly love him so much and shit."

"Me, what about you? You’re all head over heels for Bow, and your ass is damn near in another relationship."

"I am not in another relationship, and Bow and I agreed on an open relationship. You on the other hand was not in an open relationship. Besides, everyone knows that if you’re going to go cheat to make sure a condom is in the equation. Then you won’t have to go around aborting babies because you don’t know who the father is." Bitch gone try and air me out when compared to her my shit smelt like roses.

"Whatever." Deja was my best friend, but shit like this made me question her character.

"It’s not whatever Deja. You need to understand what you did was wrong and how nice Ty is being to your ass right now. I would have kicked your trifling ass out on the street. That man loves you and you just sat here and fucked it all up for a man who won’t even answer your calls now. Think about that." I got up and made my way out of Ty’s house. I had a date I needed to get ready for.


"I like you, you like me, we might as well make it official." I smiled and looked across the table to Mark.

"It’s not that simple love."

"Playing hard to get, still? Okay, I have no problem working harder for what I want." I smirked and sipped some of my margarita.

"I love the determination." He started laughing and I would have laughed along with him had something not come into sight of view. Never have I ever ran into Bow and one of his other girls. The shit had me frozen in my seat. Actually seeing this shit was an eye opener for me, but that’s not what had me stuck. What did was the little girl in his arms that looked around six months old. She was an exact replica of this man.

"I have to go." I rushed out, grabbing my bag.

"Babe what’s wrong?"

"Sorry Mark. I’ll call you tomorrow."

"Janessa, wait!" He yelled after me, causing many eyes to turn to me, including Bow’s. I looked into his wide eyes and shook my head. He never failed to surprise me. I broke my eyes away from his as I walked past him and out the restaurant. I waited until I was securely in my car before letting any emotions out. This couldn’t be happening to me. I grabbed my phone and frantically dialed my mom’s number.


"Mom… I… I can’t do this anymore." I cried into the phone.

"Come home Janessa."

"I’ll be there in an hour mom." I hung up and drove to the house. I packed up as much of my stuff as I could and stuffed it into my car. I didn’t stop to take a second look at the house or anything before I was gone.


Chris had been glued to Charlie since the doctor called earlier. It was adorable, but my mind was else where. I still had an upcoming court date in a couple months and I was missing my best friend. It was just us three for a first, and we were at the Cheesecake Factory. Our table was pretty private so we didn’t have to worry about the Chris Brown bum rush.

"Do you guys have anything planned for this weekend?" I bit my lip, contemplating on weather or not I should invite him on this trip. Today was Thursday, so we would be leaving tomorrow.

"We go to H-town." Charlie knowingly stated. I smiled as Chris looked up at me with a confused face.

"We’re going to Houston."

"We see Nana Jill." Chris raised his eyebrow and looked over at me.

"I didn’t know you knew anyone in your family." He said it so rudely, like I didn’t deserve to have any family. He had been acting real standoffish since we left the house. You would think he would be happy after finding out the good news about Charlie, but I guess not.

"I don’t. She’s my friend Kirk’s mom. She was around for us a lot when I first got Charlie up until about two years ago."

"Kirk? Is that the Kursey you were talking about?" He asked, completely ignoring me and turning to Charlie. She nodded and continued trying to draw on his arm with her crayon. She had the most serious and concentrated look on her face.

"Anyways, that’s what we’re doing for the weekend." I looked away from Chris and took a bite of my food.

"Who’s all going?"

"Shawna and Rae most likely."

"You don’t have a problem with having strippers around Charlie?" I twisted up my face and looked up at him.

"Not at all. They aren’t standing in Charlie’s face stripping for her, so what’s the problem?"

"I just find it odd that’s all."

"Odd how?"

"It’s disgusting. I don’t see how any woman can do that shit for a living. You can’t wife a girl who parades her shit for every other nigga to see." Whoa, so he was one of those type of people. His attitude is really turning me off tonight.

"I guess I’ll never get wifed up then. This whole dinner thing isn’t working out, can you take us back home?" I was already standing up as I asked the question. I reached out for Charlie and she jumped into my arms.

The ride back to the house was pure silence. Charlie ended up falling asleep since it was so quiet. Music was playing on low, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. My mind was trying to figure out what had crawled up Chris’ ass and caused him to be so damn judgmental. I didn’t judge him after he told me about his past, so what gives him the right to judge me? Well it’s not like we’re a couple. We weren’t a couple, so why did I care so much? Maybe because he didn’t just judge me, he judged my friends and thousands of other women who stripped for a living.

If we’re so disgusting for stripping, then what does that make him when he’s at the strip club throwing money? Guys wanted to always talk down on strippers, but loved going to the strip club. What kind of sense does that make? Then he wants to make it a problem that I had strippers around my daughter. Rae and Shawna have done more for Charlie than he ever has. Besides cursing, Charlie hasn’t been exposed to anything she shouldn’t have. I think I’ve earned the right to make decisions on who should and shouldn’t be around Charlie.

"What are you doing tonight?" It was only around 7pm, but I wanted to go out tonight. It had been way too long, and now that Charlie has another parent present in her life, he could start taking some responsibility too.

"Nothing. Why?"

"You can take Charlie to your house tonight since we’re leaving for Houston tomorrow. I’ll come and get her in the morning."

"I’m going to the studio in the morning, so I’ll just drop her off on my way over." I nodded and nothing else was said after that. This is how it should have been in the first place, strictly Charlie, but I allowed myself to get caught up in my feelings. That wasn’t happening anymore. It is time for old Sky to come back. I pulled out my phone and sent out a mass text to Shawna, Rae & Chanel.

Club tonight?

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Chapter 6.1


It had been a week since the barbecue and I had finally calmed down enough to go home and talk to Deja. I had been staying at my mom’s house, and I know she was getting tired of me being here all day. I was parked in front of my house trying to talk myself into going inside. After about twenty minutes I did. Everything was the same. I walked upstairs and into my bedroom. Deja was sitting crossed legged on the bed with a book in her hand.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" She looked up and frowned.

"Baby I wasn’t ready. I know I always put it on you not being ready, but I wasn’t. I was trying to make you happy by getting pregnant, but I wasn’t happy at all. I didn’t want a baby yet."

"So you killed a baby that you agreed to create?"

"Don’t put it like that. It wasn’t even formed into a baby yet."

"Well, I can’t be with you anymore Deja, and you know that. You can stay here for the rest of the month while you get your shit together. I’ll be at my mom’s." I didn’t give her a chance to respond before I was walking out the door. A car was pulling into my driveway as I was walking out, and one look at the big ass Hummer told me who it was. Her window rolled down and her loud ass voice followed.

"Mikey get in! We need to talk!" I reluctantly walked over to her truck and go in.

"What you want?"

"Look, I just wanted to talk to you about what happened at the barbecue last week. The way I told you may have been wrong, but I don’t regret telling you at all. You are my big brother and I love you too much to sit back and watch any bitch play you." I stared hard at her to see if she was telling the truth before pulling her into a hug.

"I love you too Shawna."

"Of course you do. Anyways, what you up too today?"

"Why the fuck you wanna know my life? Stalker ass."

"What the fuck ever. I was just going to see if you wanted to kick it, but obviously you got a little attitude, so you can dismiss that ass up out of my vehicle." I pulled her into another hug before getting out of her truck and walking over to my car.

"I need to clear my head, then we can hang!" I yelled over my shoulder.


I was on my computer catching up on everything Kirko Bangz, like a damn stalker. I really did miss Kirkland, but he was gone, and I knew he wasn’t coming back. I didn’t blame him for leaving either. I would have left too if I was him. I was stringing him along when all along he was the one who was always here for me and Charlie. I wouldn’t even allow Charlie to call him dad, but I let her with Chris with no hesitation. I had a bad feeling this was all going to backfire soon.

I was doing things with Chris because I was afraid of pushing him away like I did Kirkland. Then again, I was doing all these things with a man who I didn’t love and who wasn’t in love with me. A man I didn’t know anything about. The DNA results were supposed to come in today and I was all the way nervous about the outcome. I wanted to talk to Kirk, but of course all his old numbers were disconnected and I was afraid to call his mom. It had been soo long, I doubt she would even still want to talk to me.

"Ms. Sky, are you busy?" I looked up from my computer and smiled at Destanie. My door was open for all of the girls here, but I was only assigned to one dorm, which was five girls. I played mother, life coach, friend, sister, etc. I had a bond with each girl and Destanie would be the first one to age out.

"Nope. Come in." I exited out of the Kirko Bangz news and pulled up Destanie’s file. She was aging out of the system soon.

"I’m nervous."

"What are you nervous about?"

"My birthday is in like a month and I have no where to go. I have some money saved up from work and stuff, but housing and stuff is so expensive. I can’t afford to leave this place."

"You ever thought of renting a room? It’s like half the price."

"Yeah, but I don’t want to leave here to get another roommate or whatever. I’m not to fond of strangers." I pulled up housing resources onto my computer and scanned through it.

"What’s your budget?"

"I only make like eight hundred a month." I bit my lip and narrowed down my searches.

"I’ll figure something out before you have to leave. What ever happened with Travis?" Travis was her boyfriend. He used to be here too until he aged out last year, and she had told me they were planning on getting a place together.

"Travis is a joke, straight up. He doesn’t care about me at all, so I’m on my own hype."

"Always put yourself first. I don’t want you leaving here and feeling like you need him to survive, because you don’t."

"Can’t I just come live with you? Like if all else fails, because right now I’m stressing. I’m not tryna be up on the street again."

"It’s not a lot of room at my place, but if we can’t find you a place to stay then you can stay with me. I’m not going to make you go to a shelter or anything."

"Aw Ms. Sky, this is why I love you. I swear you’re like the only one who cares about us girls. If I ever blow up or get famous, I’ma be like Ms. Sky is the reason why I’m here today. She kept me strong."

"You are way too much. Over dramatic to the fullest." She laughed and got up to give me a hug before walking to the door.

"I’ll see you later Ms. Sky." As soon as she walked out my office my mind went back to thoughts of Kirk. Maybe I should just take the twelve hour drive up to Houston and surprise his mom. I did miss her. That was a thought, and I knew the girls would love to do a road trip.


I opened my mailbox and took out all the mail on my way up to my apartment. My hands were already feeling sweaty knowing I had that letter in my hands. Chris wasn’t here yet, and maybe that was a good thing, because apart of me wanted to know before he did so I could weigh out my options, and create a plan if necessary.

"Charlie go take off your school clothes." She ran to her room and I used this opportunity to look through the mail. I spotted the envelope almost immediately. I took a deep breath and opened it. I read over the paper at least fifty times. I bit my bottom lip and looked up at the ceiling.

"Mommy! I need help." I folded the paper back up and put it into it’s envelope. I quickly looked around the room and slid the envelope behind one of the framed pictures of Charlie and I on the wall.


"Here I come." I dropped the rest of the mail onto the coffee table and walked back to Charlie’s room. No one needed to know the truth. The only thing that mattered was that Chris would be here for Charlie. She needed a father, and in her mind Chris was just that.

"What are you doing?" She frowned and pointed to the comb that was tangled in her hair. I shook my head and walked over to her.

"You know better than to be playing with combs." I started untangling the comb and her now knotted hair.

"I sorry mommy."

"It’s okay baby. Just let me help you next time."

"Okay." I quickly finished getting the comb out of her hair and picked her up. I walked into my room and laid on the bed with her.

"Do you want to go to Houston this weekend?"

"We go see Kursey?" I laughed at the nickname she had for Kirk. She hadn’t used it in so long.

"Maybe, but we’ll definitely go see Nana Jill." She got excited when I said that. Jillian was Kirk’s mom and she was the sweetest woman in the world. If I had anything close to a mother, it would be her. I have just been scared to call her since Kirk and I stopped talking. I just felt like I wouldn’t be wanted over there anymore, or that she would judge me over the argument he and I had.

"I miss Kursey."

"I miss him too."

"When he come back?" I shrugged and began running my fingers through her hair.

"Someday. I know for a fact that he misses you."

"Do he?"

"Yes. He loves you baby."

"He love you too mommy. He tell me." I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Let’s get some sleep baby."


A smirk appeared on my face as soon as I walked onto the floor and seen Tyga there waiting. I knew he would be coming back for some more of this. I grabbed his hand and led him back to our usual room. I pushed him down onto the couch and used the remote to cue my music. I was already expecting him since Shawna told me he was having a bad day, I was going to make it all better for him. Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke started playing through the speakers and I slowly began to wind my hips in front of him.

"You trying to be romantic and shit?"

"Shut the fuck up and enjoy the show. This isn’t an Uncle Luke, pussy popping type of night." I pulled off the sheer top I was wearing and his eyes went right to my stomach. Looks like it was going to take more to get his mind off of this abortion shit. I walked up and straddled him.

"Rae you can’t be throwing this ass in my lap unless you about to give me some pussy. Plain and simple, you know the rules." I smirked and pulled off my bra. He was not getting any pussy from me. I’m too faithful to mine. It’s been two years since I had any, and we had about… eight more to go. Damn that sounds depressing.

"Don’t play me boy. You already know my rules."

"Do we really have to go through the same two step again? Your ass is just going to end up right back out the door."

"I wish you would kick me out. I will go find the loosest bitch up in here to come service you. Speaking of which, did you like the last girl I sent in here for you?" His hands went to my ass and I could already see the horniness in his eyes. Everything I said was going in one ear and right out the other. I was horny too, but I wasn’t trying to do anything stupid. I removed his hands and tried to stand up, but he effortlessly pulled me back down. His bony ass had some strength. I looked down into his eyes and at that moment everything froze. His hand went around my neck and pulled my head down. My mind was screaming for me to stop it, but my body hadn’t felt this way in so long. His hand went into my thong and I lost it.

"Don’t forget the condom." Was the last rational thought I had before I let my hormones take over.


I woke up from the nap I was taking with Charlie and immediately began thinking over the lie I was planning on telling Chris about Charlie. I was feeling guilty and I hadn’t even told him yet. I got out the bed and walked into the living room.

"The truth shall set your guilty conscience free." I mumbled to myself as I took the envelope from behind the photo on the wall. Just like clockwork the doorbell rang. I walked over to it and swung it open. Of course it was Chris. He had a hopeful grin on his face, but I just couldn’t return it.

"Chris… come in." His smile dropped and he reluctantly walked in. I sighed and closed the door before following him into the living room. The house phone was ringing, but I didn’t bother to go answer.

"She’s not mine huh?" I handed him the envelope and took a seat next to him on the couch. I heard the phone beeping to signal a missed call before the voice mail began playing.

Me: You’ve reached the voice mail of Skylar Perkins and

Charlie: Charlie Brown.

Me: Sorry we couldn’t get to the phone in time, but if you leave a message we’ll get back to you.

Charlie: Pwease weave a name and number so we call back!

I smiled at our goofy voice mail and waited for whoever it was to leave their message. Anything to keep my attention away from Chris, who was reading over the letter again and again, like I had earlier.

"Sky, this is Doctor Richards. I was calling to see if you’ve received the paternity results. If so,-" My head shot up as I stared at the house phone.

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Chapter 5.4


"How’s your dad doing?" I didn’t expect for this question to come up, especially since I thought she still hated my dad.

"He’s seen better days." She frowned at that, but I wasn’t about to go into detail about it. Only three other people knew the details about my dad’s condition because I didn’t want everyone judging him.

"Hopefully things start looking up for him." I get she was trying to be nice to mind my feelings, but I knew nothing was getting better for my dad. The doctors were even estimating how long he even had left to live.

"I guess. Where’s Tim?" Timothy was our oldest brother and I had ran into everyone but him.

"He lives in Texas now with his wife. He comes down for the holidays and what not. Remind me to give you his number before you leave tonight, or you can spend the night. We can have a girls night. I can’t even remember the last time we had one of those."

"When I was ten." I mumbled. I remembered every big day I had with my mother, because they were rare. Any other time she was helping Mikey prepare for his talent shows or going to Tim’s basketball practices and games, even when I had special performances. It hurt me that my mom would choose one of my brothers events over coming to at least one of my ventures. Like when I was on the dance team, or the school band, or even when I was doing my fashion design.

"See, this is the exact reason why we should have another one."

"We will, just not tonight mom. I have to go check on my dad." By the expression on her face I could tell she was hurt, but it was too soon for me to just jump back into this mother daughter role. I love my mom, but it still feels a bit weird being around her after so long. Besides, her days on this earth weren’t as limited as my dad’s were.

"Mikey, make me a burger!" I smirked and leaned back in my seat.

"Why didn’t you ask Shawna to do it mom, she’s right there."

"Mom asked you though, so stop being lazy." He flipped me off and walked over to the food table. I missed him… somewhat. Despite what we were going through, it still felt good to have my big brother around. Mikey finally came over with mom’s food and sat down next to me.

"Did Shawna tell you what she does for a living?" I rolled my eyes and gave him a look. Mikey became the biggest bitch when you were on his shit list, and that’s the main thing I didn’t like about him. Then again, I didn’t really give a fuck, just like him. He can come for me all he wanted too, I was just going to come back twice as hard.

"What do you do baby?"

"I work at a strip club, and I also work at the same clinic that his girlfriend got an abortion at last week." His smirk immediately dropped when I said that. The knife was now out of my back and into his.

"You’re lying."

"Serious as heart attack. Wait.." I stood up and looked around for Rae. "Rae! Remember last Monday when you brought me lunch and Ty’s girl came to the clinic to get an abortion?" Mikey turned to her, waiting for her to confirm or deny the allegation.

"Yeah, Doctor Phillips did it." Mikey got up and stormed over to his girl.

"Why did you do that?" My mom asked. She was seriously getting mad at me for telling him the truth.

"He needed to know the truth mom. He’s walking around thinking she’s pregnant when she’s not." I stood up and stormed into the house. She rather him get played then know the truth? I don’t get it. Maybe the way I told him the news was a bit shitty, but he did need to know.


This party was starting to get really dull so I walked over to Nino’s DJ setup that he left unattended to go eat. He was a real fat ass. All these niggas in Last Kings seem to do is eat. I had kicked it with everyone today and they were all cool people, except Ty’s girl of course. That bitch didn’t deserve the time of day from me. Matter of fact, she didn’t deserve the time of day from anyone here.

I get this was a barbecue, but we also needed some sort of entertainment. I hit play on the system and Kirko’s voice began blaring through the speakers. I looked over at Sky and she looked like she had seen a ghost. This made me flash back on when he was around.

"Speak to the camera!"I yelled, getting their attention. Sky and Kirko looked at me with smiles on their faces. This was definitely going onto my Tumblr. They were pure comedy.

"I have no idea what we’re supposed to say, but I’m Sky, and this is my best friend Kirk. His rap name is ‘Kirko Bangz’, I think, but fuck his wannabe rap career. I call him Kirkland." I laughed as Kirko covered her mouth.

"This is Sky, I call her ass Stacy because she needed a normal name. What the fuck kind of name is Sky, I mean her full name is Skylar, but that’s a what the fuck name too. I would say we’re in a relationship, but she doesn’t let me fuck so in her mind we’re best friends. She don’t let me have girlfriends, she starves me at times, and I help her with Charlie. I love that little girl more than Stacy over here. What else is there to say?" Sky pulled his hand away from her mouth and took a deep breath.

"You just almost killed me! Now can I continue on what I was saying?" He smiled and leaned back into the couch.

"Go ahead babe." She rolled her eyes and turned back to me.

"First and foremost, he does not love me. I starve him because he’s rude. Second, I do let him have girlfriends. Just not ones that don’t deserve him."

"Which is everyone. Don’t believe the hype. Shawna tell the truth, does Stacy let me have girlfriends!"

"Nope!" Shawna yelled from the other room. Sky threw up her hands before falling back into the couch. I am in love with their relationship. They are like the best non-couple out.

That was over two years ago. Kirko just stop coming around, and Sky took it hard. She thought it was her fault because they had a huge argument right before he disappeared. I knew she was in love with him, but she was afraid to take the next step with him. After a year Charlie stopped asking for him and we all just buried the thought of him away.

"Change this song!" Sky yelled over to me.

"Don’t change it. This my shit." Chris stood up and started singing along.

And Stacy I used to love her, she was there before I blew up
But I guess I, I just been gone too long
Or I guess I’ve been holding on too long
Or maybe, I’ve been putting me on too long!
Whatever it is, or what it might be
You got a man … acting Shady
I enjoy the moment, girl you made me smile
I just wish that you was here with me right now!
Not really, I’m just pissed cause you ain’t down
Like you said you would, like you said you would
And I fucked it up like you said I would
And I knew I would but don’t be trying to play me!

I looked at Sky and she looked like she was about to start crying. I skipped the song and Rick Ross’ voice blasted through the speakers.

"What you change for!?"

"You mad Chris, or is you hella mad?" He flipped me off and continued dancing. Weird ass. Nino finally came over and looked over my shoulder at his equipment. His fat ass was chewing all up in my ear.

"Back the fuck up Nina." He stepped closer, pushing himself onto me.

"Don’t be over here fucking up my shit Raymond."

"Oh, real funny Nina. Why you over her anyways? Yo hungry ass obviously ain’t finished eating."

"I wasn’t trying to listen to Ty and Deja argue. They get physical after a while."

"Like physically fighting?"

"Duh, what the fuck else does physical mean." I licked over my lips and glanced over at the two. I could imagine Ty choking her ass up.

"It’s her fault though. She shouldn’t have aborted his baby."

"I guess. Ain’t my business though." He took a huge bite of his burger and started to sloppily chew.

"You can leave now Nina, damn. All up on me and shit. Go sit your ass down somewhere and eat." He sucked his teeth and walked away with his food. I laughed and glanced back over at Tyga, he and his girl were now gone.


Hearing his voice after so long is just so surreal to me. I’m here with Chris, but at the moment I had mentally blocked him out. Chris was the first person I felt comfortable with opening up to since Kirk left, but he still didn’t know everything. Kirk knew every damn thing about me down to my birth parents name. I doubt Chris even knows when my birthday is.

"What’s wrong mommy?" I looked down at Charlie and smiled. She had been asleep for a while.

"Nothing. You hungry? You’ve been sleeping for forever." I pinched her cheek and she started laughing.

"Yes! I want hot dog and juice and…"

"Whoa, lets just go over to the food together." We got up and I grabbed her hand.

"Y’all leaving me now?"

"We get food daddy! You hungry?" He walked over and picked Charlie up.

"Hell yeah I’m hungry. Catch up Sky!" He ran off after he said that, and I was in no mood to chase him. What if Charlie did turn up not to be his? Then who would her father be? I had no problem raising her alone, but now I had to deal with this woman taking me to court for custody. I had faith, but then I was a bit nervous. This woman looked like the type to have tricks up her sleeve.

"Mommy can I get cake?"

"No, you need to eat real food first. You too Chris." Her and Chris both sucked their teeth and I started laughing. Chris is way too immature. I knew he was going to leave if he found out Charlie wasn’t his, and most likely I would be back to square one.

"Hey, what was that?"

"Nothing." They said at the same time again. I shook my head and walked over to Chanel.

"Where’s Mijo at?"

"Taking a nap with Rickey in the guest room. You put one down, the other one follows." I laughed and sat down next to her.

"There’s a bunch of drama going on today." I glanced over at Ty and Deja and shook my head.

"Look at me, I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit. I have my own drama to worry about."

"Ugh, I do too. Sadly."

"Don’t worry about Taylor. She’s all talk, and there is a motive behind everything she does. We all know she doesn’t want Charlie, just find out what she’s doing it for, and you can get her to drop this mess."

"You think you can help me with that?" I know she had her own problems to worry about, but I really needed any help I could get. If Charlie was taken away from me then I would have no family once again. I made a promise that no one was going to take her away from me, and I was going to make sure of that.

"Of course I can. My schedule just consists of Rickey, work and therapy anyways. Just come by the house when you get off work, you can bring Charlie too." I nodded and looked over at the food table just in time to see Chris cutting a piece of pie.

"Chris! What did I tell you!" He jumped and dropped the knife on the table.

"Looks like we both have two children." Hopefully my two didn’t go anywhere.

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Chapter 5.3



"Rae, go give Charlie to Sky." I gritted out before storming over to Taylor and grabbing her arm. Her smirking just made me even more angrier as I drug her into the house.

"Damn Chris, you know I don’t like it rough."

"Shut the hell up. What are you doing here?"

"Surprisingly, I didn’t come here for you. I came to talk to a… Skylar Perkins? I’m filing for custody of my daughter, and according to the courts, I have to inform the current guardian of my actions." I gritted my teeth as I tried to calm down my breathing.

"What makes you think you’re getting custody of my daughter?"

"Because I gave birth to her ass, and what makes you so sure that she’s your daughter. You better go get a DNA test. Along with Ty, Mijo and Austin." I balled up my fist and took a step away from her.

"She’s my daughter, and I’m telling you now that you aren’t taking her."

"Calm down Chris, you don’t want to go back to jail now do you? You’re still on probation while you’re up here trying to tell me what I can and can’t do."

"Why the hell are you doing this Taylor? You didn’t even want her!"

"Well I changed my mind, just like you did."

"You already signed your rights away."

"According to my lawyer, cases like this happen all the time. Since your little girlfriend out there didn’t go through every single legal aspect of protecting herself from situations like these, then it should be easy for me to weasel my way in and get my daughter to her real family."

"Get the fuck out of her now!"

"Gladly. My job here is done anyways." She smirked and walked out the back door. Fuck, shit was just starting to go right in my life again, and this bitch here wants to come and ruin things.



"Who is that?" Rae asked as she walked over with Charlie.

"I’m just as clueless as you, but this girl standing guard need to stop staring at me." I grabbed Charlie and sat her on my lap, she immediately curled up and laid her head on my chest. A sign that she was scared.

"It’s okay baby." I kissed her forehead and began running my hand through her hair.

"Daddy mad. Who is that lady Mommy?"

"I don’t know baby, but don’t worry about it. Daddy will take care of whatever is wrong." I felt her nod against my chest and looked up at Rae.

"I’m going to go meet Shawna’s mom. My eyes are still on this unfolding scene just in case anyone tries to pop off." I nodded and started rocking Charlie to sleep. I hated seeing her scared. The girl who Chris drug into the house earlier walked back out with a smirk on her face. Something about her smirk told me Chris wasn’t in the best of moods at the moment. The girl said something to her friend and they both started walking towards me. I looked over at Rae and Shawna and they were already on their way over.

"You’re Skylar, right?"

"Sky." I quickly corrected her. I didn’t like strangers addressing me by my full name.

"Whatever. I just wanted to serve you these papers in person regarding my child. I look forward to seeing you in court." I scrunched up my face and looked down at the envelope she handed me. They started talking to each other about something, but I wasn’t paying attention.

"Aw shit, here come Chris. Let me get out of here before he hits me." The blonde haired girl said causing her and her friend to laugh.

"You think that’s funny bitch? Don’t be coming back here making jokes like that. You disrespect Chris or anyone else back here one more time and I won’t hesitate to get up in that ass." Rae yelled, getting up in the girls face. I wasn’t paying much attention though. I was stuck reading this letter about a custody hearing.

"I didn’t come here for a hoodrat encounter. Let’s go Z."

"You okay Sky?" I looked up and seen that Chanel had came over also. I sighed and shook my head no.

"She’s trying to take Charlie away from me." I looked down at Charlie and she was fast asleep on my chest with dried tears on her cheek. I looked around for Chris and he was talking to his mom. Hopefully he would make his way over to me, because I needed to talk to him too.

"Bow has arrived." Chanel said with amusement in her voice. I looked towards the door and started laughing also. He was attempting to carry way too many dishes of food at once.

"I’m glad I amuse y’all. Now is someone going to come help me?" I would have helped him, but the sleeping child in my lap prevented me from doing so. The guys thought it was too funny to step in, but Shawna and Rae walked over and helped him out. After sitting down the food he made his way over to me and kissed my cheek.

"How you doing today?"

"Could be better. Janessa’s not coming?"

"Nope, she had to work, but I’m here for you girl."

"You are hilarious. Take a seat or something." He grinned and sat on the empty lawn chair that was next to me.

"Can’t get enough of the charm huh girl?"

"I’m good off your charm. We’re just friends Bow." I smiled to let him know I wasn’t trying to be rude and he smiled back.

"So you say now. How’s Charlie doing?"

"Same as always. Becoming more like Chris by the day. It’s a bit scary actually." I ran my hand through her hair and smiled.



"That girl can’t do anything to hurt you Chris. Calm down."

"I’m trying ma. She just got me so heated."

"Got you heated? Did you not forget your daughter is over there, and Sky too? While you’re caught up in your emotions, stop and think how they feel right now. Taylor said something to them too."

"Fuck! She’s not going to want to talk to me anymore after this."

"If I have to tell you one more time to calm your ass down. Now what do you mean she won’t talk to you anymore? As long as Charlie is around then she will talk to you."

"What if Charlie get’s taken away, then what?"

"That’s something you need to discuss with her, but you two will stick it out as long as you have a solid bond." I don’t even think we had a bond. I mean yeah she let me hit, but was that a big enough bond for her to stay around even if Charlie wasn’t in the picture.

"Go talk to her boy! You’re fucking up our relaxation. Where is my son so he could get me some food." Auntie Pasion ranted. I smiled at them before building up the courage to go talk to Sky. I turned around and my anger resurfaced when I seen her laughing it up with Bow. I guess she wasn’t that affected by Taylor. Just as I was about to go back to my mom, Sky turned and looked at me. Her eyes connected with mine and she blew me a kiss. To think I was affected by Bow, this is my girl. I walked over to them and glanced at Bow.

"Aye Bow, give us a minute." He stood up and glared at me. I could care less about him having an attitude, Sky is already mine.

"You okay Chris?" She asked once Bow was out of sight.

"I’m cool. How are you? What did she say to you?" I grabbed Charlie out of her arms and sat down in the chair next to her. Charlie opened her eyes and looked up at me then positioned herself and went right back to sleep. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"She served me some custody papers then said a few things about you. Rae was about to knock her out for you."

"You’re lying."

"I’m serious. She probably feels like she’s the only one who can pick on you."

"I don’t get picked on."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can drop the act in front of me. I know the real you, somewhat." Now wasn’t the time to get to know each other better.

"Taylor said something to me in the kitchen that’s been bugging me." Only I would change the subject to an even more serious subject.

"What did she say?"

"She said Charlie might not be mine. She listed an entire neighborhood that could possibly be her father." I was too embarrassed to name the actual guys since they were all my niggas.

"We can go get a test done, and if it shows she’s yours you don’t have to let anyone else know about the mix up."

"What if she isn’t? I’ve grown so close to her already. I love this little girl to death."

"There is no what if she isn’t. Weather you realized it or not, you’ve already agreed to be her father. You’re not going to just abandon her because a DNA test says she isn’t biologically yours. I didn’t give birth to her, but I’d be damned if anyone told me she wasn’t my daughter and I wasn’t her mother." I get what she was saying, but she doesn’t know who the potential fathers are. I’m not going to sit here and raise Ty or Mijo kid. Austin’s maybe, but definitely not theirs, and they wouldn’t allow me too either.

"Should I go lay her on the couch or in one of the guest rooms?" Sky rolled her eyes when I said that. I know she was getting tired of me changing subjects.

"No because if she wakes up she’ll be scared and will freak out. Just hold her while I go talk to my mamas." I smiled and watched her walk off. Sky would stay around because I gave her the one thing she needed, a family.

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Chapter 5.2


I walked out of my therapists office and pulled out my phone to call Mijo. He was supposed to be picking me up for this barbecue his family was having today. His phone rang twice before he picked it up.

"I’m outside mama."

"Alright, here I come." I swung my bag onto my shoulder and walked out the building. I smiled when I seen the kids in the backseat as I climbed into the car. Mijo leaned over and kissed my cheek before pulling off. He had been doing a lot of small sweet gestures like that since I got out the hospital. It made me feel like he actually cared about my feelings again.

"Hi babies." I said turning to the backseat.

"Hi auntie Nell." Charlie excitedly greeted me. I looked over at Rickey and he stayed quiet.

"What’s wrong Rickey? You don’t want to say hi to mommy?" He shrugged and looked out the window.

"He’s sad Auntie." Charlie said to me before turning her attention to her coloring book.

"Why are you sad baby?"

"I not talk about it." I sighed and stared at him for a while longer.

"Okay baby. We’ll talk later, just me and you." He nodded and I turned back to the front. I glanced over at Mijo to see if he knew what was up, but he didn’t. I sighed and turned the radio on. When we got to the barbecue I had Rickey sit on the front porch with me while Mijo and Charlie went to the back.

"You want to tell me what’s wrong now?"

"You not happy mommy, so I’m not happy."

"I am happy baby. Remember what I told you?"

"You say I make you happy, but what about daddy? If I’m not there daddy has to make you happy."

"Daddy does make me happy." Sometimes.

"Then why he don’t sleep with you?"

"Because we…" How the hell was I supposed to explain to him that we broke up? I can’t tell him that because then he would really know that there was something going on between us.

"Mommy and I just needed some space. We wont be in separate rooms for long." I looked up at Mijo and silently thanked him.

"Are you sure you happy mommy?"

"I’m positive. Give me a hug." He jumped into my arms and I kissed the top of his head.

"I go help grandma now." He pulled away from me and ran into the house. I smiled and looked up at Mijo. He sat down next to me and grabbed my hand.

"How did your session go today?" It was awkward knowing that this is what our conversations consisted of now. This is why I didn’t want him to know about my depression and therapy. People constantly worrying about me is what caused me to spiral into a depression. No one would just let me grieve the lost of my dad, no they just had to be nosy and keep asking me stupid ass questions.

"It was okay. We can talk about other things you know."

"Other things like what?" I shook my head and stood up.

"Nothing. I’ll be in the back."


"I don’t see what the fuck you mad at me for, I’m not the one who hit you."

"This time." I turned up the radio, not feeling like talking to her ass anymore. I was sick of being around Deja, and I was two seconds from leaving her when she told me she was pregnant. She wants to get pregnant now that I was done with her ass. I pulled up to my mom’s house and seen Mijo on the porch by himself. Chris must not have gotten here yet.

"You can head to the back Deja, I’m gonna holla at Mijo for a minute."

"Whatever." She stormed off and I could honestly give two fucks. I just know she better calm that fucking attitude down with my damn child in her. I wasn’t about to have any complications with my first child. Knowing her, she would purposely do something wrong just to make me mad.

"What’s up nigga?" I walked up to Mijo and dapped him up.

"Same shit, new day."

"You got that right."

"Your sister and her friend coming?"

"I don’t know. They were supposed to come with me, but they never showed up so probably not. What you worried about them for?" I know this nigga wasn’t still trying to cheat on Chanel after she just tried killing herself over him.

"Don’t look at me like that. I’m a single man."

"Says who? Just cause your ass moved rooms don’t make you single, and I’d be damned if you think you doing anything else with my sister. I’ll shoot you in your fucking dick."

"Nigga calm down. She not even DTF like that. You need to get to know her more before you start jumping to conclusions." I didn’t want to get to know her ass. She was a stranger to me now. Shit, he didn’t even know her ass.

"Matter of fact, here they come now." I turned around and seen Chris pull up with my sister’s big ass Hummer right behind them. Now what the fuck did she need that big ass car for? I’m almost positive that her dad was the one who bought it for her. Bitch ass nigga.

"What’s up with my niggas?" Chris yelled excitedly as he ran over to us. This nigga was too excited. I looked over at Sky and seen her smile was as big as his. Finally, they both needed it bad.

"Pussy got yo ass happier than Spongebob nigga." I was rolling when Mijo said that. This nigga needed to stop watching TV with Rickey. Everything he said was a comparison to one of them shows.

"Hi guys." Sky walked over and gave us hugs.

"Hi Mijo." Shawna gave him a hug and ignored me. I wasn’t tripping. Rae stood back and just watched us.

"What’s up with you Mexico?" She snapped her head over to me and cut her eyes.

"You and your girl must get off on being racist." Racist? I was far from racist.

"It was a joke ma. Calm down. I’m mixed with too much shit to be downing anyone else’s race." She looked me up and down before turning and saying something to Sky, then a minute later all three of them were leaving. Fuck, I had to go back there and make sure they didn’t attack Deja again.

"I need to get to the back."


"Mommy?" As soon as Shawna’s eyes laid on her mother you could see all her saltiness wash away and the biggest smile appeared on her face. It was soooo sweet. Especially with her whole 'I have no feelings' attitude.

"Shawna? Come here baby." I smiled as I watched them hug and start talking. Aw, I need to go swing by my mom’s house tomorrow so I could annoy her.

"Rae!" I looked over at Sky and she was motioning for me to come over to her and some girl I had never met.

"Tia!" I smiled as Charlie ran over to me and I swooped her up.

"My baby. How’s it hanging thug?"

"I wanna go on a trip." We used to always take trips back in the day day, but that was before Sky changed jobs and didn’t have the time. Now it was like every couple months we took a trip.

"Me too. Where do you want to go?" I asked her as we walked over to Sky.

"Paris. Like the Rugrats." Paris sounded nice right about now.

"Let’s ask mommy."

"Chanel, this is Rae, one of my best friends. Rae, this is Chanel, Mijo’s girl." I smiled at her. Sky was introducing me to her so she must be cool peoples. Sky didn’t introduce me to anyone she knew I wouldn’t like.

"Mommy, I want to go to Paris. A trip!"


"Yes!" I smiled and nodded my head. I had Charlie’s back on this.

"Ask your daddy." Sky suggested. Well played Skylar.

"Tia let’s go find daddy."

"Up, up and away." I winked at Sky and walked off to find Chris. He was of course talking to the guys. With the exception of this tall bitch sitting in Tyga’s lap. I wonder how her simple ass would feel if she knew how much money her man done tricked off on me.

"Hey, anger management, we have a question."

"Every time I’m close to liking you Rae you throw out one of these jokes."

"You mad Chris, or are you hella mad?" I put on a goofy smile and he popped my forehead. Like I was a child. The nerve of him.

"I’m good. Now what is this question?"

"I want to go on a trip to Paris." Chris scrunched up his face and looked around.

"Maybe you should ask mommy about this."

"We already did. She told us to ask you. Now go ahead and say yes because I’m taking her regardless."

"You got Paris money?"

"Uh, of course I do. The hell? We always take trips like this. Charlie tell him where we went for Christmas."


"Yessir. Australia for Christmas. Now, if Charlie wants to go live it up like the Rugrats in Paris then that’s what we gonna do. Because Tia gives you everything you want, huh thug?" Charlie laughed and nodded her head. We high fived then turned back to Chris.

"You think you big balling? Uncle Ty will take you to Paris. No problem." I raised my eyebrow at Tyga and turned to Charlie.

"Tío Tyga no tiene ningún dinero. Él te está mintiendo." I heard Ty’s girl smack her lips, but I wasn’t worried about her ignorant ass. She needs to go purchase her ass some Rosetta Stone.

"Hey, I heard my name and no dinero. What you tryna say?"

"Tell him what I said Charlie."

"She say you got no money, you liar." Everyone started laughing except Ty’s bitch, but she wasn’t receiving any attention.

"Laugh all you want, but Rae knows I got money. Don’t even stand there and front."

"How she know you got money?" Because he pays me hoe!

"Charlie how you know Spanish?" Chris interrupted, quickly changing the subject. Thumbs up to him. That was a good friend move.

"I know everything."

"High five." We slapped hands and I gave her a kiss.

"Wait, hold up. Ty explain to me how she know about your money."

"I am his dancer, when I dance he throw me hundreds." I sung, imitating Tyga’s voice.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" Mijo called out. We all turned around and seen two tall, very skinny girls walking in. One dark haired and one blonde.

"The Grinch has arrived." The blonde haired girl announced. The fuck? Who did this bitch think she was?

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